Deloitte Insights: Tech Trends 2019 – Beyond the digital frontier report has a great read on Intelligent Interfaces which piqued my interested given the “Intelligent Interfaces” reference.

Intelligent Interfaces create real-time, context-aware, automated feedback loops

Pattie Maes, Director, MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Research Group comments I felt were a great summary of the space:

“Today’s devices are aggregating more and more information about users. But in the future, they will also gather data on the surrounding environment and current situation, perhaps by analyzing what we are looking at or sensing what our hands are doing. This context will enable our devices to provide us with data based on explicit intent and well-defined actions, as well as our state of mind, unspoken preferences, and even desires. These systems will gain an increased awareness about the user and their context and will form predictions about the user’s behaviour and intentions. Devices will be able to learn from their interactions with us, which over time will yield much more efficient decision-making and communication between human and device.”

And Deloitte’s view on the bottom line:

“Unlike many technology trends that present new ways to streamline processes or engage customers, the intelligent interfaces trend offers something much more personal: an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine the way we, as humans, interact with technology, information, and our surroundings. To say this trend is potentially disruptive would be an understatement—simply put, it represents the next great technology transformation. And this transformation is already underway. If you are not exploring the role that voice, computer vision, and a growing array of other interfaces will play in your company’s future, you are already late to the game.”

For further reading access the report here


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