Human-Centred Design for Artificial Intelligence explores the confluence of Strategy, Design & AI and their transformational impact on the world.

On January 9 2007 during an Apple keynote at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone which went on to forever change the world. It was the first modern smartphone, it put the internet in our pockets, it turned all of us into photographers, it shaped modern social media, and it made Apple the most valuable company in the world (Newman, 2022).

Generative AI made a similar entrance on the world stage on November 2022 when OpenAI announced ChatGPT,  and whilst we might be in the hype cycle, it is already changing the world as we know it. Generative AI is transforming content creation & design, drug discovery & healthcare, personalisation & recommendations, data augmentation, and language & communication (ChatGPT, 2023).

Unlike the iPhone however we have “AIs prompting AIs” (Gawdat, 2023), technology that we are not just using as we do our smartphones, but technology that is creating technology e.g., NVIDIA chips made by AI to make AI faster (Harris and Raskin, 2023), and also AIs training AIs (Shumailov et al. 2023).

We are on a double-exponential trajectory unlike anything the world has ever seen or we can possibly even begin to imagine…

In an era which will inevitably be dominated by technology–algorithms, big data & compute power–it will be especially important to remember the emotional, cognitive, and ethical dimensions of human experience.

Human-Centred Design for Artificial Intelligence explores this new world with a ‘human-first mindset’, exploring opportunities and crafting design solutions which are human-centric, empower people, and enhance lives, while fostering genuine connections and preserving the essence of our shared humanity.



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